Monday, March 29, 2010

♥ SAT - SUN & TODAY ^^

Nothing special just after finished work..Mr.Right found me and we go out to had our dinner,after that we have second round at jln.ipoh PAPARICH with VICKY>ALEX>JIAYI&SAM..Non-stop chit-chat for girl&boy with each gang^^ almost 12am reached my sweet home..
Nothing special for yesterday also because of rain!!Actually plan to kepong pasar malam for spent our time because ping need Mr.Right help to sent she go her bf house near pasar malam there..But suddenly rain...She said his bf was sick but i cant help anything for ping..SORRY~~
My family lazy go out for dinner so me-Mr.Right and my cousin "thong" follow us go to da bao for all~~12am..Mr.Right back his sweet home..
I woke up early in the morning..Is 6.30am..What's going on?I follow my relative to "福建义山" to visit my "tai tai gong","tai gong&tai ma"..Wao!!I'm the 5th generation for my "tai tai gong" and 4th generation for my "tai gong&tai ma"..They already pass from this world many years ago~~Hope they repose =) I reached home around 9.10am then continue my job until finished and go to bath till now i sit infront my laptop to update my blog..Haha~~
That's 3 days dairy for u**
If my english broken you can laugh infront ur computer but plaese after finished laugh,
tell me where was the wrong word or sentence ..
I just wanna to improve my english..
Thanks thanks thanks!!

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